Overview of Tokyo Tech Software License Service

What is a Campus Agreement (CA)?

The Campus Agreement (called "CA" below) is different from conventional licenses which are issued for a specific number of computers. The CA is a non-permanent volume license that is issued for the number of users (teaching staff and students) that belong to the contracting organization.


Eligible Users

People who have a Tokyo Tech IC identification card
(For details, see Tokyo Tech IC Cards.)


Eligible Computers (that already satisfy the technical requirements)

・Computers bought and owned by the university (including university equipment and rental equipment)


Distribution Method

The method of distribution varies depending on the position within the university and ownership of the computer. For details, refer to the page for the respective software.


Availability Period

Period of agreement between Tokyo Institute of Technology and Microsoft Corporation
Current agreement period: April 2024 to March 2025 *This agreement may be continued or discontinued in the future.

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