Failure to observe the terms of use can result in severe penalties to the entire Tokyo Institute of Technology under the agreement. Therefore, be sure to fully observe the terms of use.

Terms of Use

  • Installation on a computer managed by an organization other than the Tokyo Institute of Technology is prohibited.
  • Installation on a computer managed by an individual who is not registered with the Tokyo Institute of Technology is prohibited.
  • If the university does not renew the volume licensing agreement for the next school year, the administrator must uninstall the software at the end of the agreement. (Applies to both university-owned computers and individual-owned computers)
  • The user is responsible for usage and installation of the software.
  • The detailed terms and conditions for the use of the respective software is based on the Product Use Rights Manual of Microsoft Corporation.
    Check the Product Use Rights Manual
  • Use the software according to the Basic Principles of Information Ethics at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.
  • Be sure to carefully read about the proper use of the computer software(Japanese), and follow the guidelines for proper use.



  • The name of this service is the "Tokyo Tech License Software Service".
  • This service provides Microsoft Office, Microsoft Windows Upgrade.



MS Office and Windows OS

  • These software products can be installed on computers purchased by the university.
  • To install on a university-owned computer, the administrator must agree to the Software Usage Pledge on the web.
  • A clean install is possible if an eligible OS is already installed.


  • In contrast to the permanent license issued when purchasing a regular retail software package, this is a nonpermanent license that is renewed on an annual basis (from April to March of the following year). Therefore, if this volume licensing agreement is not renewed on March of the following year, the software installed under this agreement must be uninstalled.
  • Because the Windows OS is an upgrade license, an eligible OS must be already installed.
  • Under this service, both Japanese versions and English versions of the software are available.
  • The software in this service can be used in virtual OS environments.


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